Disease outbreaks increase farm costs, decrease income and have a negative impact on consumer confidence. Here at Hodges and Moss we can provide a range of products and expert advice for your particular need:

H and M Disinfectants       
Effective disinfection, is the frontline in any farm biosecurity programme, so choosing the right disinfectant is essential. List of DEFRA approved Disinfectants for farm use.
Useful Information for farmers to help combat
Avian Influenza
H and M Fly Control 2    

Fly control is made difficult by our modern animal production systems that seem to favour fly production, and a multi-method management approach is therefore necessary to try to combat the fly problem.

The species of fly and their relative abundance and indeed ultimate success of the control measures are all affected by on farm practices especially housing and manure handling systems. More on fly control ....

Some of the available products are listed:

H and M Rodenticides    
Unwittingly man has created the ideal enviroment for rats and mice by providing a constant source of food, water and shelter. Rodent control is both necessary and desirable because rodents: More on rodent control...