Cattle Fly Control

Flypor 4% w/v pour-on solution for cattle

Flypor Pour-on’s broad spectrum of activity controls flies, midges, lice and mange in both dairy and beef cattle.
Up to 8 weeks protection against nuisance and biting flies, which spread important diseases such as summer mastitis and New Forest eye.
Easy to apply pour-on can be applied after milking with only a 6 hour milk withhold period and a 3 day meat withhold period.

Butox Swish range shot
Butox SWISH pour on suspension 0.75% w/v

An easily-applied pour-on product based on the proven active ingredient, deltamethrin. It controls lice, biting flies and nuisance flies (including all species of midge responsible for spreading the bluetongue virus), and provides control for 8-10 weeks which is longer than any other available pour-on.  The advanced micronised formula penetrates the oily layer of the skin to provide complete coverage and is rainfast to provide flexibility under all conditions.

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