Combinable Crops

Every year we carry out research into how variety choice can improve crop production and crop economics.  Recent work has included an evaluation of how different varieties of wheat compete with key grass weeds such as blackgrass and ryegrass. In situations of high grass weed populations, variety choice can be the difference between profit & loss for that crop.

For the past two years we have been trialing “Clearfield” Oilseed Rape varieties - a range of herbicide tolerant varieties allowing excellent control of Charlock, Runch, Hedge-mustard plus volunteer OSR and many other species, an exciting development.  Some of these varieties can be seen at our Regional Technology Centres across the UK.

For advice on the best variety to suit you specific field location, soil type and rotational position, order your copy of the Hutchinsons Seed and Varieties Information Book for 2015-2016,  contact one of our agronomists direct, or via the Hodges and Moss Head Office on 01743 762030.

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