Feed Supplements

H and M Pacemaker   H and M Rumevite   H and M Lifeline
H and M Promol   H and M Supalyx   volac milk

Hodges and Moss supply a wide range of feed supplements – blocks, buckets, feed additives and our own label minerals supplied either in single bags/buckets or tonnes delivered direct.

We offer a free of charge completely independent silage analysis giving a detailed mineral and vitamin content to enable us to formulate a tailor made balanced mineral to meet your stock's requirements.

Pacemaker Minerals: Range for cattle and sheep.

Feed Stuffs: Caustic Soda, Calcined Magnesite, Limestone Flour, Magnesium chloride flakes, Ground Rock Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Urea.

Rumevite mineral and feed blocks for cattle and sheep

Lifeline buckets: Pre-calving and lambing

Promol range of protein supplements

Supalyx buckets: Range of nutritional licks for cattle and sheep designed to improve the value of home grown forages . Also available in an organic bucket.

Volac range of Calf and Lamb Milk Replacers

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If you would like assistance in finding a suitable feeding program for your livestock please contact us and we can arrange a visit from a nutrionist who can give you expert advice on your regime.