Lamlac Analysis

Lamlac was the first commercially available ewe milk replacer on it's introduction over 35 years ago. Since then continual development has helped keep Lamlac the UK’s No 1 ewe milk replacer.

Lamlac is available as instant or freeflow forms for easy mixing even when cold.

Vitamin A   50,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3      6,000 iu/kh
Vitamin E  

100 iu/kg


3mg/kg (nil added)




Features and benefits

Concentrated milk protein

Highly digestible for faster lamb growth.
Ultrafiltrated milk protein  
Delivers natural health protection with less risk of nutritional upsets.
Suits all rearing systems 
Lamlac can be used in bucket or machine feeding systems.
Complete feed   
Provides all nutrients required by the lamb.
Stays fresh 
Stays fresh for 24 hours, so excellent in ad-lib situations.
Outstanding results
Lamlac has been proven in trials to deliver outstanding growth rates. 
Lamlac is ideal for feeding through warm ad-lib feeders such as the Volac Ewe 2.

Performance Trial Results

    TRIAL 1   TRIAL 2

Char x Finn Dorset 
Char x Finn Cambridge

Feeding Systems    Cold Ad-lib
  Cold Ad-lib
No of lambs       28
Livewight at start (kg)   2.71
Liveweight at Weaning    14.08
Days to Weaning    38
DLWG to Weaning (kg/Day)   0.30   0.32







Lamlac Instant is available as an instant mixing powder in 5kg, 10kg and 25kg bags.

Lamlac Freeflow is available as a freeflowing powder in 25kg bags.

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