Pacemaker Minerals


Pacemaker Sheep and Cattle           graze min 001


High specification formulations to meet the mineral and vitamin requirements of dairy, beef and sheep using latest research findings.
Specialist formulations to balance the mineral status of herbage in local geographical area , with chelated minerals used to prevent “lock up” by mineral antagonists.
Manufactured using top quality raw materials ensuring maximum availability to the animal.
Palatable to ensure good intakes especially important with magnesium formulations.
High level of waterproofing used to avoid wastage when fed free access.
Fully balanced with major minerals, trace elements and vitamins.
Cost effective to ensure maximum returns from livestock performance and finance.

We can offer free forage analysis so that tailor made minerals can be formulated to meet your livestock needs. Please contact your representative or store manager for more information

Feeding Guide

Place in troughs away from water source.
Ensure enough feeding sites.We recommend 1 per 25 cattle or per 50 sheep.
For mixing with cereals feed 1 bag per tonne mix when fed ad lib.
Can be top dressed on forage using rates in feeding recommendation guide.
Packed in waterproofed 20kg bags.
12 month shelf life.

Feeding Recommendations

Typical Daily Intake           g/head/day
Dairy & suckler cows   100-150
Youngstock over 250kg   75-100
Youngstock up to 250kg   50-75
Adult sheep   15-30
Lambs   7-15

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