Pacemaker Minerals - Cattle and Sheep

Pacemaker specialist minerals are the most cost effective way of ensuring that your animals obtain a diet with sufficient vitamins and minerals to make the best use of their energy and protein feed.This in turn ensures improved animal health, fertility and performance. Overall helping bring efficient production to your farm.

Cattle GP

A general purpose mineral supplement to compliment either winter rations or grazed pastures. Completely balanced with minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Feed to dairy and beef cows, replacements and youngstock.

Cattle High Mag

Use where there is a risk of grass staggers especially on spring and autumn lush grass.
Excellent palatability ensures an intake of up to 150g/head providing 30g of Magnesium.

Cattle High Phos

High level of phosphorous balanced with trace elements and vitamins to maintain good appetite, fertility and productivity in top performing herds. Ideal for early lactating dairy and suckler cows.

Elite Dry Cow

Specially formulated to prime cows for calving and lactation.With zero calcium and balanced with magnesium and phosphorus to help combat milk fever. Feed from 6 weeks pre-calving, change to a high calcium mineral 3 days before calving.

Graze Plus Garlic

Contains protected Copper and Zinc. Directions for use: Offer to cattle at grass or in-house. Aim for an intake of 150-200g/head/day. Allow 1 bucket per 15-20 cattle. Contains Bioplex zinc & Bioplex copper for improved trace elemant absorption. Product should be withdrawn 7 days prior to parturition where milk is intended for human consumption. For meat producing animals withdraw 21 days prior to slaughter. Do not feed to sheep.

Intensive Beef In Feed

High calcium formulation for mixing with cereals for growing and finishing cattle.With high vitamin E for fast growing cattle on high starch/cereal diets.No magnesium to help reduce the risk of urinary calculi.Mix I bag to tonne for ad lib feeding or 2 bags to tonne if feed is restricted i.e less than 3kg/head/day.

Booster Zinc

Specialist formulation to help reduce feet problems and lameness in cattle and sheep.
Very high zinc levels with more than a 1/3 in protected form to combat "lock-up" by antagonists.High levels of trace elements, vitamin E, B1 and B12 are included to help immune system and protect against disease.

Sheep General Purpose

A general purpose mineral supplement to compliment grazing or housed ewes' rations. Completely balanced with minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Feed to all types of ewes to maintain flock health and performance.

Sheep High Mag

Specialist formulation to combat grass staggers for use after lambing or on autumn grass.Contains high levels of cobalt, selenium and vitamin E to ensure maximum lamb vigour, together with calcium to meet the demands of lactation.

Sheep Booster B1

Formulated specifically for ewes at tupping and lambing time - it is essential that the mineral, trace element and vitamin requirements are fully met at these times. It has huge significance on number of lambs born, % of those reared and finishing weights. With very high Vitamin E to boost the immune system and protect against mastitis and other infections, improved lamb vigour - stand and suck earlier, higher LWG and protects against hypothermia. High selenium including selplex ( available selenium) for the ewe which boosts vitamin E in the milk for the lamb B12 critical for ewe and lamb performance to help energy metabolism and B1 to help protect against nervous disorders (CCN)

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