Rodent control is both necessary and desirable because rodents:

a) Spread disease : one rat produces a minimum of seven litres urine and 11,000 droppings per year potentially containing harmful pathogens. Not only can they transmit potentially fatal disease to man such as Weils’s disease they also carry Salmonella bacteria and viruses. While disease transmission is a problem to man it is a far greater problem to livestock: leptospirosis, brucellosis and Aujeszky’s disease, and rats are suspected of carrying foot and mouth.

b) Cause extensive damage with their constant gnawing of not only edible materials available, but also building structure causing economic damage to wooden doors, windows, insulation and electric cables.

c) Damage and contaminate foodstuffs and silage

So the rat is a very real enemy and control must be a priority in the interests of public health, safety and to prevent losses on the farm.

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