Rootplanner: Nitrogen Plans

rootplanner n plan     

Rootplanner maximises crop performance, minimises nutritional input costs, whilst supporting clients to meet their legislative requirements

N-Plan fulfils the 4-point plan NVZ requirement for a detailed assessment of fertiliser need, before any fertiliser is applied to a crop. The N-plan report includes;

  • Crop Nitrogen and Sulphur recommendations using detailed justification where application plans differ from RB209, using all the latest scientific
    data available
  • An N-Min Residual Nitrogen Test on each holding and access to our extensive National database ensure the recommendations we give are tailored to best meet your crop needs.
  • Application Plans, including rates and dates of organic manure applications.
  • Practical application record, to record actual application compared to plans

N-Max Limit

The amount of fertiliser planned for use must not exceed the N-max Limit for each applicable crop type.

The RootPlanner unique report has been specifically designed for our clients to fulfil the requirements of any EA or RPA inspection.

  • Each crop group is defined separately
  • All adjustments allowed are clearly identified
  • The full N-Max calculation is completed showing compliance with the legislative requirements
  • Clear Warnings if planned N use exceeds N-max Limit allow time to adjust actual N applications.
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