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The overriding objective of Hodges & Moss agronomists is to supply the very best advice for seed selection, taking into account, species, variety, the place in rotation, seed rates and sowing times. To that end, the company works with a range of professional seed producers across the country to enable us to source the varieties of choice.

Increasingly, new technology for crop production is being introduced to varieties by breeders and we believe this will gain in pace over the next few years particularly in oilseed rape with the introduction of herbicide resistant varieties.

As well as combinable crop seeds we are also able to supply seed for the full range of agricultural crops, maize, pulses, “alternative crops” – lucerne, clovers etc., grasses and seeds for environmental stewardship schemes, wild flower mixes, game cover and biologically active crops for nematode reductions in potato land and beet.

For more information, please contact your Hodges & Moss agronomist or myself, Colin Button, Seeds Manager. 07774 192570